G Suite Integration

You can integrate your existing G Suite user directory with your Script dashboard, greatly simplifying user management. 

When you manage your users through G Suite, you can import existing users and groups, apply security policies set through G Suite, and manage your users from the G Suite admin pages. After you set up G Suite integration, your users will log in with their Google account by clicking Log in with Google.


How it works:

  • Once you've connected your Script Account with G Suite, you'll select the user groups you want to sync from G Suite.
  • Every 4 hours, we'll run a sync from G Suite to Script. The users in these groups will gain access to your Script dashboard.
  • You'll update your users' details, such as their name and email address, in G Suite. When we run our sync every 4 hours, we'll update your users in Script to reflect any updates you've made.


Setting Up Your G Suite Integration

Before starting, please note, you must be a G Suite Admin to setup the integration. If you are not a G Suite Admin for your school or district create them an account on Script and ask them to complete this setup for you.

You can configure the G Suite integration from the School Settings on the script dashboard. Navigate to Settings > User Administration > G Suite

The first time you navigate to the G Suite settings page you will see a button to Connect G Suite. 


Authorize Script to Access your G Suite Data

After clicking connect with G Suite Google will open a Sign In window requesting authorization for Script to access your G Suite User Data.



Script requires read-only access to your G Suite accounts domains, users and groups to allow us to sync the users.

Click "Allow" to authorize Script to access the user information from your account.


Specify which Users to Sync

After clicking allow you will be returned to the Script Dashboard and be asked how you would like to sync your Users. You can pick from the following options:

1. Sync all Users - Syncs all users in your G Suite

2. Select Specific Groups - Syncs only the groups you specify. Helpful if you only want a subset of your users to access Script.

Complete the initial sync

Once you have selected how you want to sync your users click "Start Syncing Users"

When the sync is complete you will see the following confirmation


Your users have been created and can log in with their Google Credentials.





Log into Script here


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