Complete an Approval Step

Complete An Approval Step

As an administrator, you already know that approvals and other notifications come from seemingly all directions. Script helps to simplify these processes so that you can be confident that you know what is required of you, and how to do it - so that you can get on with other things.

In this article, we'll discuss being notified about an Approval that requires your attention, and how to complete that step. 

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You can count on this: If there is an approval step that needs your attention, you'll be notified in two ways. Approval notifications come to you through email and they'll appear on your To-Do List.


Approval Notification Emails

When a Script has an Approval for your review and completion, you'll receive an email when your involvement is required.

After opening that email you'll find more detail about the Script, or workflow the approval is related to - and you'll see a link at the bottom. Following this link will take you directly where you need to go. 

Approvals on the To-Do List

Any time you log into Script, your To-Do List will present to you any and all steps that require your attention. Specifically, you can see that this To-Do List is an approval - designated by the "Step" name. Clicking this To-Do List item will bring you directly into the approval portion of the step.




Whether you respond to an approval notification through email, or from your To-Do List, you'll arrive here at the approval step. 

Completing an Approval


You'll immediately notice that the "Approve" and "Deny" buttons are available to you at the top right-hand corner and can be used on any of the three pages inside an approval.


Let's talk about the three pages:




Approval Info:

On this page, you can see what, if any, other approvals have been a part of this Script and their status

Notification Info:

Here you can see who initiated this Script, the school they're from and when this particular workflow was created

Submission Form:



Finally, on the Submission Form page, you can review the entirety of the form associated with the approval you're being requested to provide. As you know, there's often additional or different information required in order for you to complete an approval - you can request that by selecting the "Request Changes" box, and detailing what information is needed.


And that's it! Script provides simple and dependable ways to be notified of an approval - and clear ways to approve, deny or request more information for an approval step. 

Like everything else with Script - being notified and completing an approval is easy!




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