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In this short walkthrough, we'll help you know more about how to run a report on the purchases that were made for your school's Activities and Fees, through Script. You'll find that the reports are not only easy to generate, but they're also easy to customize as well!

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We're only talking about Purchases in this walkthrough, but if you'd like to learn more about Deposits click here. If you want to know about the Past-Due report click here


After logging into your existing Script account, select the Finance button


At the top of the new screen, you'll notice that there are three different types of reports that can be run from the Finances screen.




You'll immediately notice the options that are available to you when creating a Purchase report. 


Purchase Date Range:

Selecting each of the options in this row will determine how much information is presented, and from what time period. The first five options will automatically select the date range for your report, based on your selection. Selecting "Custom" will present you two boxes where you'll manually choose the start date and end date for your search.

Payment Methods:

The results of your Purchase report can be customized further if you'd like to view only certain types of payment methods. For example, if you were to select only "Cash" - the report would reflect only cash payments collected during the date range you've chosen. Simple as that!




Just like everything else with Script - getting custom Purchase reports is easy!



Log into Script here

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