Generate a Custom Financial Report

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Everyone knows that using Script's reporting features allows for clear line-of-sight into payments. Now, those reports are even easier to customize to your needs!


After you've logged into Script, access the Financial information screen by clicking the "$" on the left-hand menu.

Here, you'll see the familiar reporting options, plus a few new additions.

Cash & Check

With the added feature of cash and check tracking for Activities and Fees in Script - comes reporting on those very same pieces of information. When you're running reports ausual, you can now choose to view payments provided to your school via card, cash, check or all of the above! These payments are clearly notated in the reporting and CSVs.

Custom Reports

Quite often, you may have a need to review financial reports for a specific time period. Incorporating the cash and check tracking along with custom date ranges makes your financial reporting as detailed and flexible as your needs dictate.

First, make your way to the tab labeled "Custom," from the Finances screen.

Here, you can enter or select the custom start and end dates for your new report - and you can choose to include payments made via cash or check as well!


Like everything else with Script - making your financial reports clearer and more detailed is a snap!



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