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By now, you're already familiar with how great Script is at simplifying the processes and procedures involved with engaging your students with great activities; and you've come to see that handling fees through Script is far easier than any alternative. Well, we have great news... things are getting even better!

Now, all of those offline actions can be recorded in Script. What does that mean? Permission slip sign-offs and payments by cash and check can now be documented in Script and reported on. This eliminates any need for you to record things on two separate ledgers and allows for clear reporting - as you can now view cash and check payments on your payment and deposit reports!

Let's take a closer look. 🔬


First - when it comes to Activites and Fees alike - you're now able to record cash and check payments. There are more detailed options for documentation, which we'll take a closer look at later. The most important thing is that you and your staff know that you can record these payments, and provide a clearer line-of-sight in terms of reporting.



In the event that you or a teammate receives a permission slip on behalf of a student in person - you can now record this in Script! 


First, make your way to the activity in question. Once you've located the activity and the student for which the permission slip was provided - click on the empty box for "Signed"


Here, you'll be able to upload a scanned copy of the permission slip, if you'd like. Otherwise, you can simply move ahead and mark the permission slip as received. Doing so allows the permission slip to be recorded on the Activity Printout, as well.

You can opt to send an email receipt to an email account that is linked or enter an email address manually for a receipt.



When it comes to collecting and documenting payments received for Activities and Fees - via cash or check - we've heard your questions and suggestions! Script now provides a way for those offlined payments to be recorded for their respective Activity or Fee, and they can be reported on in an administrator's purchase or disbursement reports!



In the event that a parent pays for an activity or fee with a check, or in cash - recording that payment has never been easier!

Simply locate the Activity or Fee in question, as well as the student the payment is for - and click "Paid"

Doing so will present the following popup: Choose whether the payment has been made in cash or by check.


Selecting "Check" will give options for recording the amount and check number. You can also send a receipt of this payment to the payee by email if you'd like.


You can opt to send an email receipt to an email account that is linked, or enter an email address manually for a receipt. 


Selecting "Cash" will give options to record the amount provided in cash, as well as an option to provide a receipt to the payee by email, if you'd like.


You can opt to send an email receipt to an email account that is linked, or enter an email address manually for a receipt. 


For both - an additional field titled "Memo" is available to record any relevant details of this payment for your records.

Once these steps are completed, the payment provided via cash or check is now documented on the Student Roster, the Activity printout (where it applies) and on Payment reporting. Gone are the days of having to document payments and permission slips provided by parents outside of Script - every step can be documented and reported on in the same place!


Like everything else with Script - documenting all of the offline activites is easy!



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