Edit Multiple Line Items on Purchases

Hi friends! 

We know that editing and making changes to recurring fees can, at times, be a real task. That's why we've added a feature to help! Once you're done here, you'll know how to edit multiple line-items on a recurring fee - and get back some free time!

Let's get going! 



To get started, log in to Script, and select the Purchases icon from the left menu Screenshot_2018-05-14_08-36-57.png

Select a Recurring Fee you'd like to edit


Scroll to the Student Roster for this Recurring Fee & select the Pencil icon Screenshot_2018-05-14_08-42-46.png

You can now edit things like discount percentages, unit numbers and change whether or not the student has paid the fees in question - for multiple students!  Gone are the days of having to edit and save each line item, individually. 


Once you're finished making changes, select the checkmark icon - and you're done!

Like everything else with Script - editing multiple line items on recurring fees is a snap!




Log into Script here


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