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Here in this walkthrough - we're going to show you how to use one of our administrator's favorite features: creating and using groups. Knowing how to use and create these groups, makes creating activities and various types of fees even easier! Let's get started.

First - you'll want to make sure you've got the hang of creating students. If you're not sure - you can learn how here.

After you've logged in, select the Students button on the left menu pane


Here, you can see all of the students that have previously been entered. From the menu above, select Groups.


This view shows you all of your students sorted into Smart Groups - based on the information you entered when you created the student profiles. All those students that you entered as 3rd graders can be found in the 3rd-grade group, and so on. Cool, huh?

Any groups that you create are called Custom groups. You can create custom groups using students from any grade and for any reason. Here's how.


Select the New Group button on the right-hand side



Give your new group and name and enter a description that will be clearly understood by other users.



From the new screen select the blue "+" icon to start adding students



As you type, keep an eye out for the auto-complete suggestions, to help speed up the process!


Now you're done!


If for any reason you'd like to remove a student from your new Custom group - simply check the box next to that student's name and select the Remove Student button.


Like everything else with Script - using groups and creating your own custom groups is easy!




Log into Script here


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