Create Individual Student Profiles & Link Parents

Hello again!

Some of the central functions of using Script is creating activities, facilitating signups with permission slips and managing different types of fees. The one thing that makes all of those work? Students!

Here, we'll show you how easy it is to add students & their parents into Script.

Let's get started!  🚀

First - once you've logged into Script, select People from the menu on the left. This view displays all of the students that have been entered into Script. You can view and sort these students by First/last name, Student ID, grade, status and Parent Link status.  On the right, select New Student to get started



Enter the necessary information in the empty fields and select Save when you're done!


Believe it or not, that's all it takes to add a student! Now, you'll need to connect that student's parents so that all of the necessary information gets shared on their app!


Return to the Student menu and select a student that needs their parent or guardian connected, select Parents



Add the parent's email address, select Add Parent. Next, select the three dots and click Publish



Now you're finished! And just like everything else with Script: Adding students and connecting parents is easy!




Log into Script here


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