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Now that you're up and running with Script - handling permission slips and fees like a pro, you might be wondering if it's possible to look over all of the things you've accomplished. Well, you can! Below we'll walk through just how easy it is to review your purchase history on the Script app.


From the home screen which is your To-Do List, select the menu button and scroll down to "My Purchases."



The next screen: "My Purchases" will display the history of all of the purchases made using the Script app. This will include three 'types' of purchases. Here's what they are:

ACTIVITYICON-cutout.png Activities: Field trips, events, club meetings, etc.

ONETIMEICON-cutout.png  One-time Fees: T-Shirts, yearbooks, etc.

REUCRRINGICON-cutout.png Recurring Fees: Before-care, aftercare, club dues, etc.


If you'd like more information about a previous purchase, simply select it!


In this example - we're using an activityACTIVITYICON-cutout.png

You can see the date, location, and cost. Below you'll see the student or students who were paid for and finally the purchase date, order number and the total amount paid.



Like everything else with Script - reviewing your purchase history is easy!



iOS: script-teach-more-manage-less in the App Store




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