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You're here because you're excited about all that Script can do to help you teach more and manage less. If you haven't already learned how to build a one-time fee, find that lesson here!

Today, we're going to add a tiny bit more to what you already know - and that has to do with recurring fees. Recurring fees are the type of cost a parent or guardian is financially responsible for, but happens routinely. Things like tuition, before-care, aftercare or club dues are examples of just some of the recurring fees that Script can help you with! 

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The Purchases Menu

After you've logged into Script with your existing account, it will bring you to the Trips page. This is the screen that gives you a look at all trips upcoming, past and pending, select the Purchases button. It looks like a tiny storefront. 



On the purchases screen, you'll see a running list of existing purchases you're created. They're separated by type into two columns. You're looking for the button in the upper-right, labeled "New Parent Purchase."



Building A Recurring Fee

Select Recurring Fee, the button on the right-hand side of this menu. If you'd like to learn more about how to build a one-time fee, you can find everything you need here.



Enter the details of this recurring fee. Take note of the rate you choose (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, etc.) you'll be able to edit each student's financial responsibility by instance later on.



Next, add a payment period - or the span of time you'll be using to determine how many instances occurred. For example: This is a recurring fee for aftercare. I may choose this Monday as the beginning of the payment period, and Friday as the end - that way I can bill for each of the students who used aftercare this week.


The Payment Due Date will be published to the parent or guardian as the expected date they should pay whatever amount in fees is owed. 

Now, add the applicable students - individually, by group, or class.



From this list of students, you can edit the details of a recurring fee by selecting the three 'dots' on the far right-hand side. By selecting this and choosing "Edit," you'll then be able to add the number of instances (by whatever rate you chose, earlier.)



Once you've added the number of instances to the correct students - all you need to do is make this recurring fee "Live!" Do that by selecting "Bill Now," reviewing the details & choosing "Bill Now" again



Progress & Updates

You're doing great!

Now that your recurring bill is established and live - if ever you ned to make changes, you can.

Let's say you have a student who participated in aftercare an extra day this week - you can edit the number of day's that student's parent or guardian will be billed for. We're sure you can already see the usefulness in being able to adjust your recurring fees on the fly!

Each time you make an adjustment to a student's responsibility for a recurring fee - Script will automatically generate a notification to the parent or guardian, and make sure that the fee is prominently displayed on their Script app.



Log into Script here


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