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One of the most obvious reasons to be excited about partnering with Script is the amount of time you save can as a teacher or an administrator. Today, we're going to pair that together with the reality that using Script to manage and administer fees to parents also saves you money.

There are two separate types of purchases you can create: One-time fees and recurring fees. In this walkthrough, we're going to give you a quick how-to on creating one-time purchases.

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The Purchases Menu

After you've logged into Script with your existing account, it will bring you to the Trips page. This is the screen that gives you a look at all trips upcoming, past and pending, select the Purchases button. It looks like a tiny storefront. 



On the purchases screen, you'll see a running list of existing purchases you're created. They're separated by type into two columns. You're looking for the button in the upper-right, labeled "New Parent Purchase."



Select "One Time Fee," on the left.


A word about fees: We understand fees simply aren't optional. You should know that for parents, any/all fees assigned to students displays prominently at the top of their feed - and are not removed until or unless the fee is paid - or it is manually removed by your school.


Here, enter the details of the purchase in the empty fields. Once you're done, select "Save."


Remember, lots of things can be one-time fees: yearbooks, shirts, trip fees, special events, etc. Think back over the great things you're already you're doing or are involved with and consider what else you can simplify using Script.


At this point, your one-time fee is in Draft mode. Your progress to this point will be saved, if you need to return to it later. The next step is to add students, according to this one-time fee.



You can add your one-time fee to specific students, groups, whole classes, or even entire grades! When you start typing, keep an eye on the suggestions presented. It might help you save time.



Once you're done, all that's left is to push this one-time fee through to parents and guardians of the students you've just selected. You can do this by selecting "Bill Now" and clicking "Publish"




Congrats!  🎉 🎉

Your one-time purchase is now live, and visible to all necessary parents and guardians. When you revisit this one-time purchase from the Purchases screen, you'll be able to keep track of which parents/guardians have signed and paid, as well as the total revenue collected.


Great work!



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