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There are lots of reasons your school has chosen to work with Script. We know you want to teach more and manage less. One of the first ways you'll enjoy your new-found freedom is by creating activities with Script and allowing us to handle the heavy lifting.



What is an activity?

An activity can be a few things: an event, a club, a field trip or something similar. When you create an activity, you'll build a description of the event (location, dates and other details). These will help parents identify and understand the event, as well as what is required of them.

Before we get started on building a trip - you'll need to first upload your school's default permission slip to Script. Doing this will simplify the process ahead. The main screen displays "Permission Slips" at the top - follow those steps to upload the form.

Let's go! 👍🏼


Creating Your Activity

From the main page, select the Create button, which looks like a +, in the lower left-hand corner. Then, from the new menu, select Create Trip.



Now, simply enter all of the details in the pre-determined fields.




Payment Information

At Script, we understand that teachers aren't bookkeepers. What's more, we know your time is valuable and better spent on other things. Use of the Payment Information portion helps make this process simple, accountable and accurate.

When adding the cost of the trip, Script provides a calculation includes credit card fees which are typically overlooked during this process. We've helped schools save thousands of dollars year-over-year with this built-in calculation.

By entering the amount of the fee, ticket price, etc., into the "School Will Collect" box, the amount due by parents is calculated in the "Parents Will Pay" box.



The amount in the "Parents Will Pay" box includes credit card fees, and rounds up to the tenth. This simple step not only makes sure your trips costs are covered completely, the additional monies collected above credit card fees while rounding up is passed on to your school!


Meal Options

If your activity will include more than one meal or snack option, you'll use this portion to provide the details of each. If your activity will not include a meal, or there is only one option - skip this step.


Once you've clicked on "Add Meal to Trip" you'll need to name the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.). Next, name the meal option(s) and enter its cost in the "School Collects" field. The same calculation applies here - allowing all of this trips expenditures to be covered completely.

If your trip will include multiple meal options, simply select "Add Meal Option," and complete the previous steps for each instance.


Student Roster

You're almost finished! Here, you can assign a trip to an individual student, specific group or entire class.


You can invite entire classes, groups, or specific students to your activity in this field. Once they are invited and the event is approved, the parent or guardian will be notified of the new activity with all of the information they need!

Along the way, you can save your progress at any time and your trip will remain in draft format until you've submitted it for review.

Note: You will not be able to submit your trip for review until all required fields are completed. Any field that is missing information will be identified with a notification in red.




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