Creating a Trip

Create a Trip

Lets get started! Submitting a field trip request has never been easier. After you have logged into Script, click the create button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen and select "Create Trip".



Trip Information

The first Section of the trip submission form is Trip Information. Here you will add in basic information about your upcoming trip. Trip names can be up to 22 characters in length. They may include lowercase letters, numbers, as well as hyphens (-). 


Payment Information

The second Section of the trip submission form is payment Information. There is three ways to figure out a parent total. You can enter in the amount you wish to collect and our automatic calculator will figure in the processing costs for you making sure you always get the amount you need per student. You also can select the "Round Up" switch enabling your school to make rounded revenue on the item as well as rounding the trip total to parents to the nearest 50 cents. The third way to determine parent total is to enter in the exact parent total by clicking the gear in the top right.



Trip Roster

The third Section of the trip submission form is Trip Roster. Here you can add groups and/or specific students to your trip roster. You can remove these groups or students just as easily by clicking the "x" next to their name.


Approving a Trip

After you have saved and submitted your trip the school administrators will get a email alert of the submitted trip. Once the trip has been approved the trip will go live only to the students you have selected in the trip roster.


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