How to Delete a Parent From a Student

1. Enter The People Section
To delete a parent that is attached to a student account you must first navigate to each specific student that you wish to remove the parent from. To do this start by selecting the "People" icon in the left blue Navigation Bar.



2. Search for the Student

Once you have selected the "People" icon you be defaulted to the students tab. Here we will search for our student that we wish to delete a parent for.



3. Select The Student

In this example we are searching for "Mark Roberson". Once we have found our student we simply need to click the students name to view the student details.


4. Click the Parents tabs

To view all of the students parent links we must navigate to the "parent" tab. To do this click the parent tab in the student detail view as show below.



5. Select Delete

To delete the specific parent from the student you will need to click the Option button on the parent card. The option button is shown below as three vertical dots.



6. Confirm

The last step is to confirm the deletion of the parent from that specific student. Once you select "Yes, Delete" then you are all set! 


Note: If a parent is linked to multiple students you will need to delete the parent from each student.


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