Change title for pay periods in recurring purchases

Do you have a recurring billing period but want to change the names on who gets billed? No need to make a new parent purchase to bill a late fee, just change the name of what will be billed!

First off, you're going to need to log in at

Once logged in, click on the purchases tab on the left-hand side to bring up your items that you invoice.


Once brought to the Parent Purchases page, you will be shown all options that you invoice to schools. All items labeled in purple as recurring fee's that are applicable to this article. 


Select which recurring purchase you would like to work with and you will be brought to the Billing Template. Here you will see a description on the billing, how much revenue is expected for the period and the different periods you have been invoicing.

Select the Plus (+) button on the top right of the Payment Periods box to add a new period to invoice for.


You will be given a box to decide which pay period you are billing for and when you would like the payment due. 


Now that we've made a new billing period, we will see it listed on in the box in the top right Payment Periods. It will be labeled yellow meaning that nothing has been invoiced and still in draft mode. Three dots in a column will appear and you can select this button to edit our Payment Period. 


You will be given an option to either edit dates or edit the item. You can select on editing the dates to change the billing period you are about to bill for or you can select edit item to change the name/description of what you would like to invoice. 

Example: You can create an invoice for a late fee or a second payment for a trip. 


Once you are on the page to edit your recurring fee for this billing period. You can now rename the title of the invoice along with the description on what will be shown on the parent side.

Below is an example of me changing the billing name to After School Care Late Fee and a description that parents who don't pay on time will receive a $5 late fee. I also changed the price at the bottom of the screen to bill $5


Once you hit the save button, you will be taken back to the Recurring Fee Template and you will now notice the name is different in the Payment Period box and the description in the Recurring Fee Overview. 


Finally, don't forget to adjust on who gets invoiced! Perhaps not everyone needs to be billed this specific fee or second payment. So be sure to edit the roster below of the students listed in this billing period!



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