Adding Meal Options to Field Trips

Organizing meal options on a trip or activity can be a lot of work! Script is here to make it a little easier! When creating a trip, schools now have the ability to add multiple meal options for multiple meals.

In step 3, the creator of the trip has the option to add a meal. The user does this by simply clicking the "Add Meal to Trip" button in the middle of the screen as seen below.


After clicking the "Add Meal to Trip" button the user can now name the meal for the trip or activity and add the meal options. The school now has the option to set how much they want the parent to pay or to set how much they want the school to collect. This is done so the school can properly account for fees and collect the appropriate amount needed.



Script allows Schools to add more than one meal in case the trip or activity needs to account for multiple meals with multiple meal options. In the example below you can see a trip that has both a lunch meal with options as well as a dinner meal with one pizza option.


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