How to archive a student from your school

Do you know longer have a student that attends your school? We give administrators the power to archive students!

First, you will need to log in as an administrator at 

Once logged in, you will go to the left-hand toolbar and select the people icon


At this screen, you can now search for the student you are looking to archive


Once you have found your student, click on their name and you will be taken to their profile. On the profile, you will see three vertical white dots on the right-hand side of the profile. Select that box. 


Then Select the option 'Archive Student'



The last thing you have to do is select yes! Be sure you know that this is the student you are archiving. Also please note the message that archiving a student will remove the student from all payments, trips, and groups the student is assigned to. So if there is an outstanding invoice, it will no longer be shown for that student. 


You have successfully archived your student! 

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