Send a Bill

Collecting money is never fun. But at least with Script...its easy! Sending a bill can be done in 3 simple steps.


1. Add Students
Adding students for a fee is just as easy as adding students for a field trip. First, we must set which students will be receiving this bill. To do this click the "+" button on the right of the screen in the "Students" section.Screen-Shot-2017-08-04-at-3_0006_Layer-1-copy-6.png

A modal will pop up allow you to add specific students or groups to this fee.


2. Set Price and Discounts
After adding in all of your students you now need to set the price. To do this, select the options button for each student and set the discount and quantity of units you are billing by.


To confirm and save your edits you must click the blue check mark on the right side of the screen. Your edits will not be saved until you do this.


3. Send the Bill!
Now that you have set the price and discount for each of your students, you are all set to send the bill! To send the bill, simply click the green "Bill Now" button at the top right corner of the screen.


Script will calculate your total billing and allow you to review once more before you click the final "Bill Now" button. After you click the last "Bill Now" button you are all set! You did it! You have sent out a bill.


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