App not working? 4 helpful tips

Sometimes technology doesn't always work like you expect. So here are 4 quick tips to get you back up and running with Script

1. Sign out and Sign Back in
Sometimes the best thing to do when technology doesn't work like its expected is to "turn it off and then turn it back on". In this case, the first step to resolve any persistent issues is to sign out and then sign back in. 

2. Update the app
Making sure your app is up to date helps eliminate any compatibility issues. The easiest way to update your app is to completely delete your app and then reinstall a fresh copy from the app store.

IOS App Download
Android App Download

3. Try the Web Version

If you are having trouble with the IOS or Android app, try using the web version as it is always up to date. Sign in at: 

4. Contact Support
If you are still having no luck, let us know. We would love to help! Send us an email to

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