Signing a Field Trip Permission Slip

Signing a Field Trip Permission Slip

So your students have a new upcoming field trip, how fun! Lets get them all signed up in a few easy steps. After signing into Script you will see all available trips and fees for your students in your main feed. In this example we want to Sign up Hermione Granger for the Mosi Field Trip. As shown below, we select the Mosi Trip to view more details.



1. Trip Details
After you are done reading about all of the trip details you may scroll to the bottom of the trip details and we can select our eligible students. To select your student, simply click the students name and initials that you wish to participate. Below you can see that we are selecting only one of our eligible students as we only want to sign for Hermione Granger. Once a student is selected the green "Next" button at the bottom of the screen is now activated. 

IMG_0008.PNG  IMG_0008_copy.png  IMG_0007_copy2.png


2. Permission Slip
The next screen is the permission slip. Here you can review the permission slip for your selected students. Once you are done reading the permission slip, you can proceed to the signature page by selecting the green "Next" button at the bottom of the screen.



3. Sign
Now lets sign! Once you sign with your finger or mouse the green "Add to Cart" button activates, allowing you to submit the signature for the permission slip.

IMG_0011.PNG  IMG_0007_copy4.png


4. Cart
Congratulations you have signed the permission slip and successfully added it to your cart! At this point you can either add more items to your cart by selecting the green "Add More Items" button at the bottom, or you can proceed to checkout to pay for the items currently in your cart by selecting the blue "Checkout Now" button at the top of the screen.



5. Checkout
To place the order and pay, select the green "Place Order" button at the bottom of the screen. A successful payment will produce a Finish page. If you have not added your credit or debit card to your account yet you will need to doing this first. If you have any trouble or questions with this please read our step by step guide for managing your payment methods.

IMG_0007_copy7.png   IMG_0015.PNG


If you have any questions or issues on any of these steps please email us! We would love to help. Email

Note: All fees and field trips that are available to your students will show up in your main feed. If you do not see a field trip or fee that you believe you should please contact the teacher and verify that the due date has not passed and that your student is on the eligible roster for that specific item. All past due trips will disappear from your feed, whereas past due fees will always stay available for payment as they are not optional items.

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