Managing Payment Methods


Managing Payment Methods

Need to delete or add a payment method? No problem! Once you are logged into your account head over to the "Payment Methods" button found inside your options menu. To get to the options menu first click the Hamburger Button in the top left hand corner of the application (shown below)




Once inside the options menu scroll to the very bottom and click the "Payment Methods" button



Delete a Payment Method

In the Payment Methods Screen you can edit or delete payment methods. There are two ways you can delete a payment method. The first way is to slide the selected payment to the left to reveal a delete button as shown in the picture below. The second way to delete a payment method is to click the specified payment method and then click the delete payment button at the bottom of the application.

IMG_2752red.jpg       IMG_2756red.jpg



Create a Payment Method

In the Payment Methods Screen you can also add a new payment method. To add a payment method simply Click the "Add Payment Method" button as shown below.



Here you may enter in the Credit Card number, CVV number, and Expiration Date of your card. Once all the information has been entered correctly the "Add Now" button will then activate and turn to a dark green. If you have trouble adding a card to your account please check that you are entering in the correct credit card information as most times a simple mistake is the problem.


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